April 17, 2015

12 weeks old and USA

Today it is 12 weeks since Chai and Misty's babies came to the world.
It has been 12 weeks with laughter and joy and lots of melted hearts.
They are such a happy sibling gang.
Even they are not moving to their new homes tomorrow, the days just goes too fast. Today they got their own passports,vaccines and microchips, so one step closer to their new homes.  But we hope to combine it with the youngest litter, so we will be able to feel their happiness and naughtiness in May as well. But during June they will all be in new homes.

My two keeper-girls are loving their life to the fullest. And they are such helpfull girls. Nikita got 100% more energy than what is normal in the oriental breed, and she is very happy to have two little girls to teach even more naughtiness.
But there is nothing wrong with Mimi and Mercy's fantasy.
They are very creative on their own.....

And last weekend Mercy tought my water bucket was so interested that she had to take a closer look :p

The smallest babies are doing very well in Kristiansand. But it will not be any new pictures of them on this update.
I will visit make new pictures of them in May.

Leaving Norway.

We have some other news about (N) Attack's Jimmy Choo - daddy of my youngest litter.
After this weekend he will set his paws in USA. He will of course not be travelling alone.
Make us proud, Jimmy - we know you will be in the safest hands.

In our oldest litter we have 3 really huge kittens. They got good weight , but it's their size of their paws that amazes me.

But their parents are big (but elegant) as well.
White Lies got an elegant body, but my keeper girls are at the moment looking like "Care Bears",,,,,

The 2 others in the litter are has sweet and got elegant paws,
And this time Hidalgo has nothing to do with it - because he is not any relative ;-) Maybe my kitchen is magical as well?

Here are the 12 weeks pictures :

I am hoping to get the porch ready for us and the cats during next week, so hopefully I can show you some pictures of that next time :-)
Have a nice weekend.