April 11, 2015

10 + 11 weeks

It is really strange here with us tonight.
I have only the biggest litter in my home.
The smallest kittens are now in Kristiansand with Carolynn.
It was the plan, but now there is so silent here. The 10 kittens together was not so naughty, but when it was wet/raw feeding time it was a real sircus :-)
I have made an appointment with my local Vet, so we are going to start the vaccinating program with the oldest kittens during next week.
We are using Purevax - so unvaccinated kittens has it best to be another place.

In the end of this month the oldest babies will move to Kristiansand as well, beside my two keepers. They will stay at home.
Two of them will move to new catteries abroad, so they will be getting ready to go together with those from the smallest litter who will move abroad.

The trip to Kristiansand went without any problems for the youngest, and they are running around playing and are very happy to meet new people and also Carolynn's kitchen. Furry familymembers think her kitchen are magical :-))))

Earlier it was Hidalgo who was every little kittens safe line. But Hidalgo is living in Finland and is buisy with other babies.
We were curious about who it would be this time since all our boys are very loving.
Shortly after the kittens arrived they was adopted by Ainur - so he has taken over Hidalgo's very important and loving job.

I am not able to visit the youngest kittens every week, so from next week, I am hoping to get some pictures from Carolynn.
April is for me a buisy month - the rest of it - but in May I will be visiting them with my camera.
They are not moving before June to their new homes, so I am sure the future owners want some more updates.And lucky for them, since I love to make pictures ;-)

We have more news. We have another tortie in the house. Mercy/Blue Desire is a bluetortie.
Alot of people said it to me when she was little. I disagreed but promised to be the first to admit it if I was wrong.
The creme she showed on pictures when she was a little baby - I tought it was rufism, because in real life she was blue.
But now - 11 weeks old she is starting to getting creme parts around on her body who is well seen.
The creme came very late , so it will be fun to see how much she will change during the first year.

And now their pictures :

10 weeks old:

11 weeks old :

And a bonus of  our Yoga-kitty, a true picture of what a kitten from us is like. A happy happy baby.

We have alot of news to write about in end of April and May. I am actually looking very much forward for it.
News about Jimmy , Coctail and alot more as well. But since we love to have some secrets we will not tell everything in only one update. But I can promise you it is for sure interesting.

This was all for now.
Hope you want to read my blog next weekend as well.