March 21, 2015

Almost 7 and 8 weeks old

Hmm, what have happened this week?
Well, we have introduced the naughty sweethearts to white boiled fish. Not because fish is typical healthy cat food( because it's not) , but white boiled fish is almost like a sleepy medicine when oriental cats and kittens need to slow down their energy in the evenings ;-)
And with 10 kittens it is ALOT of naughtiness going on.
I was thinking to open up the whole livingroom for them - but then I'd change my mind. My legs are all scratched up and it is nice to have it calm with only the adults in one room.

All the kittens has so much fun together.
Bohemian - the blacktortie in Ozzie's litter like to hang together with the oldest kittens.
And Secret Fantasy loves to hang together with the smallest.
And all humans are a big favorite for everyone.
Little Maple Blondie has started to be a real stamp, so all this week she has been close to me all the time. She don't say so much - just sitting close to you and purring, and are very happy.

Both the mommies are sharing all the kittens - milkbar is open for everyone. That is one of the thing I really love with this breed  - babies are for sharing.

Nikita who was in Kristiansand some weeks after the last birth is now very loving and caring with the kittens. She just had to get rid of her jelousi first.

And Milla loves of course the kittens alot, like she always has.
*Hide and Seek* - she is always ready for some kitten-quality time.

And now the weeks pictures. I have always big problems to make nice pictures of our blue keeper. This time it was her brothers who did not want to sit still. But better luck next week, then there will be another one with "ants in her legs" :-)

We can start with the smallest babies.
The two first boys are for sale - they would love to have a wonderful forever pet-home together.

And Misty's babies . We are going to make some DNA tests about the colours - since there has been a little back and fourth about the boys. It takes time, because we are still waiting for the kits from Australia - and then it has to be sent back.
But Seven Sins are still for sale, and maybe also his classic tortie sister. She is on option, but that might change.

I know our fat blue "mouse" are very happy she will not move away from her mommy :-))

We will have some changes after Easter. Then one mommy and one litter will move down to Kristiansand. But more about that later. First we are going to celebrate Easter.