March 3, 2015

Kitchenmonsters x 2

Every week goes too fast when there are kittens in the house.
During the last week all the kittens has moved in to the kitchen.
Misty's babies has moved out of the kittenrun, and Ozzie's babies has moved inside it.
It wouldn't hurt to stay there another week, but Misty's gang just climbed over:-))

The toilet training goes very well, and they are so happy to see some more than just a sturdie cage.
Even Misty's babies are happy to run free in the kitchen, the boys often climbs over to their smaller playmates.
I have a feeling about we don't have a kittenrun in the kitchen in a week or maybe a week and a half.
But Ozzie's babies are a bit more calm (still) - so they are happy to stay in the kittenrun - even they run around in the whole kitchen daily.

Misty's babies has started to eat a little solid food, but the funniest thing in the kitchen are the water fountain. Even they have to strech themself on toe - they reach up. They got their water bowls too, but it is not the same action :-)

This time the photoshoot was a real nightmare. I never make alot of pictures Wintertime - because there is seldom enough natrual light.
But when I have kittens I like to make pictures weekly. Both for future kittenowners, and to follow their development myself as well.
But the combination bad lightening and kittens in the age 4 and 5 weeks are never a good combination - at least not for me.
I've got a strong light to use , desperatly - so the pictures don't become only blitz-pics - but the colour of the kittens never turn ok.
And noone of the kittens wanted to be models this week.
Ozzie's babies tried to escape from the photo-bed, and Misty's babies were just sitting there like potatoes - well, Hazed and Confused as well.
Thank goodness they don't look like potatoes in real life :-))

And their personalites are so fun now. I will try to describe some of them a bit , together with each picture.

We can start with Misty's babies - now 5 weeks old. 

Secret Fantasy.

This girl was from the earlie start the calm girl. Curious and sweet, but happy to look at her naughty sisters. But in the last week she has joined her sisters. Still the calmest, and with the softest voice - but she got some fleas in her butt as well now, and a real snuggle-bug. And she is the expert in climbing up humans legs. She loves also to climb on your when you lay down, and is very acrobatic when she tries to get down again on the floor.

Dirty Passion .

Her territory is in the food aera, and she loves to play rough with her brothers.
She is always courius and is that kind that never think twice. 
But she has also a very sweet side - she loves kisses on her little nose, and seems never to get enough.
And she got a strong voice and knows she is a tortie. Very bossy and charming.

Blue Desire :

Well, she is a human stalker. She follows us everywhere if she can, and loves to snuggle and to be carried around. If she hear anyone, she runs to the kitchen door and start screaming. She want everyone to feel they are very sorry for her , but she forgives us right away if someone pics her up.
I am just happy she was never born as a singelton - she would become a Diva :D She is very close to her sister Dirty Passion, and since they will both be kept - we will have partners in crime.

Seven Sins :

He was a bit like his sister Secret Fantasy the first weeks. Calm and sweet, and he was happy to be with his mommy. A very easy, not demanding baby.
He is still a very easy going boy - but he is getting more and more naughty day by day - learning from his sisters  - especially my two keepers. He loves to chaise his sisters, and if he can get them to scream , it's even funnier.
But he look so innocent, yes he really do.

White Lies :

The big gentle bearcub. He plays rough  when he feels up to it, and he got lungs too.
But he has all the time in the world. He has his periods each day to be a bit active, but he has alot to think about. He has study his siblings when they walks in the solid food in the learning prosess, seen how they have peed on the floor when the toilet were few pawsteps away, seen the adults drink out of the very exiting water fountain and the list goes on.
So one day he wanted to actually to see if all his observation was a good thing to do, he drank quite nice out of the water bowls, the fountain, eat solid food like a gentleman, and god forbidden - he pees inside the toilet, not on the floor. So yep - study well, and you get very intelligent :-)

Ozzie's babies are 4 weeks old - but has the same size as Misty's babies. So fathers and grandpha's big genes has passed on to a new generation. They are also very calm and happy - well most of them.

Bohemian Raspberry :

Big and funny, and such a sweetheart, even she don't always look like one. She has been the boss of the milkbar from the early start.And it is not easy learning to walk like a lady when you are so chubby:-))   In the last couple of days she has became a bit more courius about the world around her. Her sister will give her a quick learning - and the older babies as well - so we are not worried about her not beeing naughty in the future :

Maple Blondie :

Oh my , she so funny and filled up with personality.
She knows what she wants to do and what she don't.  From birth she was the smallest. Not critical small, but she looked so small compearing to her siblings. And then I was worried , but now I can see it was nothing to be worried about.
Today, 4 weeks old she has the same size as her red brothers.
We call her Blondie here at home, but she is the most intelligent in the whole litter. And she loves to sit in the sofa alone with a human like the spoiled princess she is. But she loves her siblings and bigger playmates dearly.
Even her sister is a clone of their mother in the colouring, it is Blondie who has many of the same facts like Ozzie had as a kitten herself . She hiss at you if you pick her up if she think you smell strange on your fingers ( like after cutting onions, a special soap etc), and she deffently don't like the click sound of my camera. Funny things like that. But if she continue to act like her mother when she grows up - she will never love anyone half way, It will be 200 %. And if she has a grumpy moment - she let you know.

The boys has not developed so strong personalites yet.
They are all big sweethearts.
Maybe they will show their real them durnig the week?
But the red boys are very  very elegant, totally oposite to their brother Hazed and Confused. He got paws like a grizzly bear.

A bonus picture . Sweet girls from Kristiansand were here on visit, and Misty's kittens were so happy for them - and sooooo tired when they left. Ozzie's babies were at the time then in the sturdie cage, but they are hoping to meet the girls as well.

Update done. The pictures can really not become worse next week.
But one thing can never bad pictures change - and that is all the the 10 kittens temper.
They are so happy and loving and purring. :-)