March 8, 2015

5 + 6 weeks old

During this week, alot has happened.

Misty's babies has moved in to the smallest livingrom. I am able to make the livingroom in half, so now there is enough place for 6 week old kittens.
They was so exited about it, and in few hours they were running around on explore adventure :-)
Alot of new toys, some small climbing post , and my sofa is getting to know little paws and claws very well ;-) And if humans are sitting in the sofa, they use the human legs to climb up on - to get a nice lap to couddle in . So very normal and social oriental kittens they are.

They are better to eat solid food now - dry,raw and wet. Much better than last week, so I have seen them grown good just in a coulpe of days. Kittens start to eat when they are ready, and when they are ready - that is very individual.
But Misty, who is such a good mommy is so thin , so I am very happy they have started to eat by them selves now.

And.... some jugdes has seen my cats, and we have some colour changing going on.
I have not ordered pedigrees for them yet, but will do in in the end of the next week.
The bicolour boy is not creme, but fawn. I have noticed the colour was a bit strange, but the colour has darkened alot the last week.
So well, then we have a fawn.
Someone might want to have him in breeding, or he will have a forever home some place. He has been on option , but since his colour changing - he might  be avalible. Feel free to ask about him.

Here they are - 6 weeks old :




Maybe avalible


The smallest babies has moved out of their kittenrun in the kitchen.
It is probably not normal to have 5 weeks old kittens running freely, but the oldest babies learned them to climb out! And 10 kittens in the kitchen is too many pawsteps for me to watch carefully together with making warm food.
But they are placed safed in the kitchen. Will stay ther 1 or 2 weeks, and then all of them will be put together.
They are also very clever to use their toilets, and has started to taste carefully on solid food. They prefer raw and dry at the moment.

Their pattern is getting better and better on the agouti kittens, and their eyes are still dark baby blue. I am crossing fingers it will be like that for more weeks. Then it is possible they will get their daddy's nice green eyecolour.

During the next week, I will know who will be avalible out of this litter. In this litter we have a cinnamon boy. I have learn some colour signs to look and compearing.
Cinnamon comes is many different tones. And our cinnamon is very red. Anyway, he will be a happy pet,because his tail is unik and special :-)

Here they are 5 weeks old :


OPTION - might be for sale


OPTION as PET - might be for sale


Bonus picture :

Someone knows very well how to charm. Blue is not my favorite colour, but this kitten could be pink or green - it wouldn't matter. She has just crawled in to my heart.

And at last. A couple of pictures of (N) Attack's Cupid's Coctail - one of our exports who moved to Sunny California before Christmas.
She is the smallest litters half sister - and all of us are so proud of her doing so well at CFA shows over there.

That was everything on this update.
I have plans of bringing my camera with me to Kristiansand soon , to make new pictures of Tiger.Ainur and Leo. Need some new pictures on their "male" page too.
The smallest boys are all grown up to handsome young adults. 
Maybe I will take a little trip during this week. Depends on the weather :-)