March 13, 2015

6 + 7 weeks old

Another week, and alot of changes in our home.
All the kittens run feely between the kitchen and smallest livingroom now. In the start I thought the smallest could visit the oldest babies  some hours each day - but they did not agree at all.
It is so much more fun to climb and jump in the sofa. The oldest babies don't mind - more playmates are always welcome. And Misty and Ozzie has opened their milkbar for everyone .

Now we have actually 40 baby-paws running around high and low. Even we vacuum and clean the area daily it is alot of fun with all these sweethearts.

We have often friends who are visiting us, and all the kittens love guests.  And sometimes both kittens and guests gets tired ;-)

Earlier this week we had one of our Vets visiting us.
To take a health check on Leo so he his ready for breeding - all were ok, of course :-)
But the main reason he came to us , was to make an ultrasound on Ozzie's babies.
In Ozzie's first litter in Nov-2013 we lost some of the kittens in the litter, in very different ages.
3 of them to intestinal invagination. I think many breeders in KAT IV have had an experience with the same, or they deffently knows someone who has had it. But in the breeder-world many are afraid to speak open about own problems.
I am not one of those - we are dealing with alive creatures, and things happens.

Anyway - we choose to take an ultrasound of the intestinals , because it was almost the same combination as the fatal litter , earlier.
But everything is ok with all 5 of the babies - they are as healthy as they can.

Hmm , I don't know how I can write this short, but I will try.
We and others has had alot of toughts about this problem. It is a line problem? Or do it just happens? I have never had any experience like this  - never. First time was in 2013 - 10 years after I started breeding.

We speak with alot of Vets, about alot.
And one Vet was very interested in this litter we had in 2013. She asked questions and we answered and explained.
Then she explained something for us as well.
In Ozzie's firs litter, Ozzie got a very damage birthcanal after the birth of very big kittens.
We took her to the Vet, was worried about pyo - but it was a huge infection in the birthcanal.
So she was put on AB - and it healed  very fast.
But even she was on AB - her babies drank her milk - and she had an infection. The infection went down to the kittens intestinals - and since the has not fully developed intestinals as newborns - the intestinal sometimes get damage.
Some kittens make it well after, some needs an operation, some kittens never makes it.
We lost 3 kittens in the age on 3 w, 5 w and 13 w, and the last one was the worst.
Such a big and healthy baby boy, and it changed so fast.

The Vet said that the kittens should back then also been medicated, and then probably all would have survived.
So not a typical line problem - but an infection problem.

Good to know in the future - if we gets a similar start of a birth.

We made this ultrasound of this litter anyway, just to be sure. Now we can sleep good at night:-)

So now they are ready to be reserved for future forever homes.
In that litter we have 2 boys for sale. More info about them under "Kittens".

Here are Ozzie and Jimmy's babies 6 weeks old :

Mommy and a daughter.

And Misty and Chai's litter 7 weeks old :

Mommy and a daughter

And two pictures this time of our handsome boy, Leo , who lives in Kristiansand. He has grown so long and elegant :

Please check our kitten page for available kittens - we have at the moment 3 boys who are looking for a home.  

You can find  the page here :   Kittens for sale