July 1, 2015

A new familymember :-)

There is not much happening with the cats these days.

But we have a new little girl in our family, a baby GSD. She is so charming and beautiful.
We have named her Cookie, her pedigree name is Fortune Cookie , and she makes us laugh many times a day. She comes from a great Kennel in Sandnes, close to Stavanger.
We wanted 2 dogs in the future - not right now, but because of special cirumstances, it happened now.
King was a bit jelous the first day, but after that he loves his new little sister.

The cats has not the same opinon ;-) "What in the heck has you brough home now, mommy?? Can you deliver her back, she is too naughty!! King is so soft and calm, but this tornado?! "

Little  Cookie doesn't care. She is happy all day long ,and love the cats and their toys. I think the cats have a soft spot for her, because when the puppy is sleeping,they are often sleeping together with her.

( We have no breedingplans with the dogs.)

I have not made so many pictures resently. I have been too buisy.
But I have some charming pictures of Mercy and King. He was getting some sausages as treat, and Mercy who loves all kinds of food, are never far away when it smells tasty ;-)

I made some pictures of Nikita today. She is not expecting her babies to  come before the end of this month. I love her expression, mother to be .