July 20, 2015

Our Angel has gone home -thank you for everything.


Today we had to say goodbye to my soulmate , my just everything - the best cat I have ever known. I am toally heartbroken.
We have been trough so much together and Milla is a cat with at least 9 extra lifes. But today her body did not bare to fight anymore.

Milla came to me from Sweden in August 2011, well worth waiting for.
I was amazed of her beauty, but when I get to know her, she was even more beautiful inside her soul. Those cats are very rare, and I am sure it was a meaning about her comming to me.

Millas had a good time with us. Developing from a young beautiful lady to an adult beauty.
She loved everyone from the first day - especially little kittens. She had always extra love for them.
Her problems started after her first mating.
She got pregnant and I was so looking forward to her babies.
But a big baby blocked her birthcanal, and she endet with a fatal C-section.
She and her 6 babies came home and all looked so well.
But we started to loose babies, and discovered her breast was all swollen. Milla got very sick too.
We rushed her in to a kliniq in the City, and they tried to help her.
I went back  home with her babies, loosing another kitten, and then another one.
The city-Vet had to make a drastic choice for Milla , a last chance to save her. So they operated away her infected breast and left her with a open whole.
I was terrified! It was Easter and they wanted me to just bring her home.
Oh dear, no! Milla would die in my arms.
By that time I was so lucky to know one of my best friends today, and breeding-CO. Carolynn took Milla home to her place, and nursed her back to life. Her earlier work as a Vet assistant was gold for me.
It was a skinny Milla who finally came home to me, but she was alive!!

Only one baby survived it all, and we called him (N) Attack's Heaven can Wait. Heaven had brought home all his 5 siblings.
This babyboy was in fostercare with wonderful people and came home later to us.
It was a joy to see mother and son finally together again.

In the time after, I was thinking very much back an fourth about Millas destiny.
We decidet to have one more litter with her, and if it went bad again, we would have a happy and very much loved neutergirl.
Her new litter was only with 3 babies, but it went all ok. And finally got Milla babies to love from the early start - not only borrowing others babies.

After this litter we had to treat Milla for a heavy bacteria infection, the medication really destroyed her imunsystem.
Her uterus was filled with tumors, so she was neutred. I didn't care, she was alive and happy.
But it was only the beginning of all her problems with a broken imunsystem.
We have saved her sevreal of times, since we had a very close eye on her health.
She has had problems in almost all her bodyparts after.
Her liver area twice, her kidneys, she got stomatities and had only 3 teeth left - just to mention some of it.
Every time she got a problem, with weak sympthomes, we helped her,before she got serious ill.
Milla was a fighter, and proved it again and again she was not ready to leave us.

To be a neuter in a cattery , Milla loved it. Now she did not get any health problems during the birth and all that came after. She could just kiss and couddle babies - what a perfect life for her. And she did not waste any time.

But this weekend she got ill again. It happened too fast, and there was nothing to do trying to save her. So I had to make the most difficult choice there is - and I made it with love.
The call to my Vet. She was so ill it was hard to make a bloodsample. Her breath was not normal, and she collapsed  and had no controll of her body.And she became so cold.
She will be autopsied, but I think it was her kidneys.
Milla became only 4.5 years old. With all that had happened in the past we took one month in a time as a precious gift with her. Milla could never grow old, but I was not ready to loose her now, really not never :-(
I have cried and cried and are still crying - nothing can bring her back to life.

We have wonderful grandchildren and other lines with her - so maybe one day Milla can be born in a healthy body. I miss her so much. She was not a normal talkactive oriental cat.
She was so soft, so sweet  - it is hard to describe - but everyone who has met her knows.
I have thankfully lots of good memories together with her, and she will always stay alive in my heart.

Thank you, Yvonne, for the most amazing cat I've ever known.

S*Cross-Bow Crest Hot Lips
Rest in peace 20th of July -15.