July 24, 2015

A good mother instinct is ...

It has happened so much emotional this week, so I like to write about it.

One thing is for sure - if sad things happens to a first-time breeder, it can break them totally down.
I have had so much with dealing about my pain and tears loosing Milla, so I did really not get too sad about it. It may seems hard - but under normal circumstances I am not that cold and "heartless".

But in Misty's litter , who I was so proud and happy to get - we have only 1 little kitten left.
A beautiful boy - either red or creme (tabby?) SYS.  He will for sure stay with us - if he grows up to a healthy boy.  He is now  5 days old.

During birth one of the kittens needet a bit help to breath and was a bit slower. Ok, we might loose him. All the kittens were born on day 66 ( Misty had only been mating in 24h). They weren't big in size as last litter, but not too small either.
Among the 4 boys and 1 girl I noticed also they looked very extreme in type - the 3 boys we lost.

After the birth was over and all babies were cleaned and dry, Misty did not want too calm down. I felt all over her body - but I didn't feel any more babies. Ok, then I sat with her for a long time.

Then I went downsstairs to grab something to eat, and when I came back to the bedroom Misty had moved away 4 of her babies.
I moved the babies back and sat with her. When everything seemed ok again, I went outside with the dogs.

Misty did not want to calm down, and she moved 4 of the babies away again.
Then I noticed one baby had problem breething, and few hours later he passed away.  Misty did not want to lay in the birthbox after.
I did find another cage for her - the one she used on her first litter - placed it in bed so I could really supervice it all. I gave them also some milk, in case they were hungry.

To make the rest of the story short, 3 other kittens faded away during the next 24 h.

What happens next? Misty is totally calmed and ready to take care of the little boy who is still with her - like nothing has happend. And she is a superfantastic mother.

Her little surviving boy is growing and are for sure never hungry.

I have had good time to make up some thoughts about it all.
The babies who are no longer with us - Misty knew there were something wrong with them - therfor she behaved like she did. ( She acted the same with a kitten we lost in her earlier litter 4 days old.)
Misty is healthy, no visible or hidden infection has caused it.

When humans get pregnant they goes to their doctors regulary , and their baby/babies are checked with ultrasounds  to see if all is ok or if there are suprises in good or in worse . What happens later depends.
Cats are not going to the Vet once a week to check their babies - cats got instincts - and mother nature is hard. The healthy and strong ones has a place in this world, others may survive with a humans help, or they will die later.

So really, I love Misty's instincts, and it was sort of good I was not 100% focused, cause my own emotions. Because me and I am sure many other breeders thinks far way often with the heart than the head when it comes to our precious cats and kittens.
I have had earlier queens in the past who loves all kittens so much that "kittens not ment to be" are with us much longer - but maybe with pain?
I have also had thank goodness very few queens who are careless, because they are really not good mothers.
I remember the mother to my very first litter - she had milk enough - but she did not care of her babies - and those babies were healthy. All grew up - but they were rasied by my wonderful neuter boy after they were old enough  to eat and drink by their own.
I gave that queen another chance, but it happend again with her second litter. 7 kittens - raised and loved by my neuter boy once again. No more kittens after that queen - that was for sure.

So other breeders - if you have a cat like Misty with so strong and correct instincts - listen to them! A mother who loves her healthy babies, but knows when something is totally wrong.

Misty is so happy with her chubby baby boy. We are expecting a new big litter very soon.
And if all are ok with them - we have an extra milkbar - so something good came out of this sad story.