June 18, 2015

The A-team

Our sweet dog has stayed with us now for 1.5 month and it is like he has always lived here.
(And yes he got a damage ear, happened when he was little, but then everyone know he is mine. We don't care, he is our snuggle-dog anyway.)
He is getting along great with all the cats.
I was so sure it would be Mercy and King who would be the closest buddies, but her best friend is her sister Fantasy.
King's best friend in the house are actually Milla.
In the first few days she did go up to him and did hit him with her paw on his nose just in case, but few minutes later she could run and collect all different cat-toys and bring them to him.
The dog got a bit confused :D

Milla is a bit like the caracter in "There is something about Mary" , because she is getting along with just everyone, and everyone loves her.

So here is some few pics of the great pair :

King got is very own bed - Milla loved it too.

King is relaxing inside the warm porch. Milla found a sunspot...

Not so hot outside today. King is sunbathing.... Milla too.

King is watching TV.... Milla too.

The Norwegian Summer is not like last year. It reminds me more about a nice Spring. As long as it is not raining or are very windy, I love it like that.
Fantasy has stayed with us a little while now, and it was so right of us to keep her.
Mercy is a cat who take alot of place and Fantasy who is just the little "happy go lucky" is great together with her sister.
And they have it so fun together.
2 kittens who really love to snuggle up with us 2-legged and 2 kittens who also fit eachother like Ying and Yang.
Mercy is very much like her cousin, Nikita. We can hear her very well, But she don't have as many "ants in her pants" like Nikita. She is my very special one, even she is blue ;-)

Some days ago I brought the two sisters to my parents garden. And they loved it there, running around in the grass. I think we have to go back there soon. And look at Fantasy's warm colour!! She is looking almost like a chocolate classic. The red mixed up, and a half black tail. Love it :-)

We did also visit the famous tree ;-)

Last new thing this time is the dog-run.
King loves the porch very much, but it is nice to have his very own place as well.
We have been training a little every day , and last day it was his first all day outside, because we went a trip to Kristiansand.
He is used to stay in a dog-run with his breeder as well.
We can have it open so they can all run up and down - it is even possible to go under the porch in the shadow.

The porch is best!