May 29, 2014

Oldest babies 11 weeks old

Yesterday I was visiting our oldest litter.
They did sattle down with daddy and friends very fast , and loves their second home.

Even I have the 6th kitten from the litter back home and know her size - it was fun to see the others again.
Icandy is a chubby one, and Jimmy had grown alot as well. They will both be very big boys.

The ideal pictures would be the whole family - but it was only Lilly who wasn't buisy :

And everyone loves of course uncle Tiger:

Beautiful halfsiblings - Diva and Tiger :

Hidalgo and Jimmy :

Hidalgo is having fun - and yes he is as big as he looks like :

And this is how the babies looks like now.

The girls first this time, with a few days older picture of our keeper :

And the boys :