May 26, 2014

Silence with only 6 babies at home

It is a new world at home. Little sweethearts with just half the energy and half of the naughtiness.
5 of the biggest kittens has moved to Kristiansand - together with their mommy, Diva.
Back at home we have kept the keeper-girl together with the smallest babies.

It was the plan all the time to do the same as we did with our November-kittens.
Moving to their daddy and my cooperator with her family.
There they will get their vaccines and health papers done.
With the blessing of our Vets - since we are not active in any cat-shows.
Our keeper girl will get her vaccine together with the smallest babies when it is their time.
The oldest babies found out it was super to be with daddy and uncle as well - and I think my dear C will get some grey hairs soon.
Now  they will get used to drive car,used to dogs,used to smaller children - used to alot of new things.

What about our keeper-girl, Nikita? What are she doing when Mommy has left the house?
Well, she just found her extra milkbar and are very happy with her 2 "second mommies".
I love this breed for that! Mine,yours - our babies. Babies are for sharing.

Nikita is getting more and more beautiful.
I can see more and more from her grandma Milla and uncle Tiger in her. They got something very special - an extra beautiful face.
In type of course too , and in size as well.
From her daddy Hidalgo she got the fearless and also sweet personality.
And she loves her little "siblings" very much - so I think she will be a great mommy when it is her time for that , next year.

And the smallest babies who are a bunch of sweethearts.
Last litter was little elephants in zize, and this litter is totally oposite. They are eating like horses, but this is the super super elegant types. We saw it also by  birth - all of them was looking like their daddy.
So I am very exited to follow their development.
Noone of them will get any extreme ears, but they will for sure get extreme elegance and super pattern and lovely profiles from both their parents.
We made this combination just for those qualitees - because that is important in breeding as well.

The PRA results has not came back yet - but we have decidet who we will keep anyway. We have PRA N/N boyfriends for the future.

My little keeper with all her red :

And her sister :

The boys  who also got spots and lengts.

If you are interested in any of the babies cause of their qualitees and pedigree don't hesitate to contact us.
We have a siamese girl for sale as pet in the oldest litter, and maybe the OSH c 24 boy are suitable for show and breeding.

Later this week I will visit the oldest babies with my camera and then we will see.