May 18, 2014

Oldest babies 9 w old - and will soon move to daddy

I did not manage to make pictures of all the babies last week.
I really tried, but the combination of gray weather and non-cooperated kittens was not a good match ;-)
One picture of 1 kitten out of 11 ;-)

Beautiful Lilly :


But today I took some outdoor pictures of the oldest babies - 2 girls was "smiling" to the camera and the rest.....well, we got some.
It is harder every week - because they want to play and do naughtiness or couddle.

Our little "Mini-Tiger" is a real acrobat and when he don't want to do something, he turn in to gelly.
(The tree is not high!)

And ICandy - well he said clearly he is a cat, not a monkey and run down from the tree.

The boys :

The girls :

The smallest babies are so clever. No problem understanding the toilet,eating and drinking.
But they really want to run free all the time as well - when they look at the older babies who is often visiting them and their milkbar ;-)

I will make single pictures of them during the next week.

Very soon the oldest  babies will move to their daddy and my dear cooperator.
Diva will follow, and will in few weeks move back to her home in Stavanger.
Then daddy-Hidalgo will take over the parenthood with some help from Tiger and Sonny as well.
In Kristiansand they will get their vaccines and those who will be pets will get neutred.
We will also  give Victoria a x-ray of her tail- since her kink is a special case.
Our keeper-girl will move home when she is done with her vaccinations.
In their "home 2 " they will get to know little dogs, lots of more people and have alot of fun.
With the blessing of our Vets - we do not go to any cat shows while we have babies here anyway - and the adult cats in both homes are together now and then.

We will miss the oldest VERY naughty babies very much but I will be visiting them soon in Kristiansand with my camera.
Diva will as I wrote move home to her family in Stavanger soon. It has been fantastic to experience her super super way of taking  care of her first litter.
When she will be moving home again she will see Tia again, one of our babies from November.
If Diva will have another litter it will not happen shortly if it is not needet cause of any health issues.
Next time we will have visit from Stavanger it will probably be Tia - but hopefully not before Spring 2015.

Thank you so much Diva - supermommy :-)