May 5, 2014

7 weeks old and 3 weeks old.

We have had some very cosy days together with my co-owner and family.
Even the oldest litters , daddy - Hidalgo has been visiting us. He loves to travel, and it is always nice to see him.
At Friday did also the proud "grandparents" of my youngest litter came by.They have daddy of our youngest litter.

The kittens has grown 1 week older, and is now 1 week more courius and 1 w more naughty ;-) At least the  oldest litter.
The smallest has started to be a bit more courius about the world, but mommy cat is happy they have no plans of escaping from their birthbox yet. But the peace will not last very long - soon they will be kitchenmonsters.

Yesterday they got some new toys and now my smallest livingroom looks like a kindergarden ;-)

I am so in love with all of them, but we have one very special girl in the youngest litter who is smelting my heart every day. The smallest baby-tortie girl. I don't think she will be a big star when it comes to her type, but she is so colourful and beautiful.
The smallest litter will get their PRA test done during the week, and then we have to wait some more weeks for the test result- since I have choosen a lab in Australia.
If we are lucky all of them will be negative - then it will be easier about choosing who I want to keep for further breeding.

It was not easy  to make " 7 weeks pictures" of the oldest kittens. They have so many plans during the day, and one of them is not to have a break and sit still infront of any camera.
The youngest litter was a bit more easy - but after 4 weeks old they will get " ants in their pants" as well ;-)

Our biggest babies :


Jimmy Choo

Juicy Couture



Victoria's Secret

Our smallest babies :

Cupid's Coctail

Flame of Love

Fire and Ice

Prince of Norway

Sunrise Crush