June 10, 2014

12/13 w old and 8/9 w old

Alot has happened last week.
Me and Carolynn has been on a rock concert in Kristiansand. When the tickets was out for sale earlier this year there were no doubt.
And at Wednesday- 4th of June we had a great time listen to both Alice Cooper and Aerosmith.
Over 10.000 people - it was a great show!! The pictures are borrowed from a friend's friend :-)

I was of course sleeping over for one night - and kissed our oldest babies as well.
They are all developing so well, growing and has such a lovely temper. I am so proud of them all.
Hidalgo has also been neutred - and over the night he did not need the diapers anymore.
He loves his new life very much.  The babies adors their daddy as well.
But he is still working very hard......babysitting his own babies ;-)

Hidalgo with Lilly and Victoria.

Hidalgo with Jimmy.

Diva has in the few last days said no more milk in the milkbar - so now is their 12/13 w old babies trying to find some milk at Daddy - it is important to be an optimist all the time of course. It's great to have such a blond daddy :-))

We have got offers for Hidalgo - lots of them. People wanted him as fertile and now also as a neuter - because he is so big.
But Hidalgo will NEVER be for sale. He is Tiger's best friend - and is living in his forever home.

At Wednesday the babies will get a vaccine and the micro chip, and the week after those who will be pets will get neutred.
The weekend after that again ,  will "Mini-Tiger" and Lilly move to their new homes if everything goes as planned.
And yes - during the the next weekend Victoria wil also get visit of some who are thinking about giving her a forever home. We are hoping they will all fall in love with eachother.
Victoria got energy of 3 siamese in 1 so.... If it will be a good match, Victoria will move in the early start of July.

Some of the pictures are taken with my camera, and some with Carolynn's cellphone - because the weather was not as we hoped for.
Jimmy is for sale to the right home. It looks like he has the same bone structur as Hidalgo and the same zize - so he will not be a little man as adult. As a breeding cat or just as pet.

12/13 weeks old :

Jimmy Choo 



Juicy Couture


Victoria's Secret

And my colourful smaller charmers.

The boys are little daddy-copies - looking like Dinky all of them.
So wonderful elegance.
The girls are just little colourbombs - I can never stop watching them - they are so beautiful.
A breeder friend said when they were newborn : "Veena, you must be so happy. You got all in one (two) cat(s). The white, tortie and spots. "  And yes, it is very true.

We got back the PRA test result from Australia.
All the boys are PRA carriers and the girls are PRA N/N.
So now we know for sure we will not keep any of the boys in backup for Misty next year, since she is a carrier as well.
But they will be someone elses new familymembers instead.

And here are our smallest sweethearts 8/9 w old :

Fire and Ice  - my super-purring little lion.

Prince of Norway - a true little kitchen-monster. (Like his Daddy)

Sunrise Crush - purring and copies the others whatever it will be :

Cupid's Coctail  - rub my tummy purr purr  :

Flame of Love - purring when she is awake and when she's sleep :

Sibling-love :

I hope I will be able to update a last time with all of the oldest babies before they will be moving to their new homes.
If not, I wish them all the best in their new homes.
Oilily will be living in Trondheim with 2 Devon Rex' and a very nice 2-legged family.
OSHKoshB'Gosh will be living in Lillestrøm with a new mommy and daddy - and a real lion as a big brother - a red Maine Coon. He will always be warm in the Winter ;-)
I am very curious what pet name he will get. He has been the Clown and the little-Tiger in my home. Now he goes by the name Happy.  I am sure he is such a wonderbaby who can have lots of names. Just like he Royals ;-)

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a new little friend.
Both my litters are a bunch of sweehearts with fantastic temperament.
We are not 100% sure yet who of the youngest boys who will be fore sale.
1 of them will soon be reserved.