June 25, 2014

Time flies

Very very soon will 2 of our oldest babies move.  It has been a joy to get to know them.
Sadly they will move just a week before I will spend a weekend in Kristiansand again with my camera.
But I can update with the remaining babies and the adults.
The neutering of Lilly and OSHKosh went very well. I had no doubt, we have done it on sevreal of kittens in the past  -  but many others may have their opionions about early-neutering.
It is just a dessision made in the best interests of our babies who will be happily pets in forever homes.
The owners don't mind - , actually they are greatful for it , so I can truly not understand why some breeders has to care about it.
It has nothing to do with "saving lines, not sharing lines etc". Cats sold to registrated breeders are fertile, pets are neutred as easy as that.
Our kittens got very good zize and weight - so I do highly recomand other breeders to to the same for their sold pet-kittens. The operation is easy and the kittens are up and running very fast after.

Victoria had  visitors who did fell in love with her - our Emma-copy with lots of energy.
So she will be the next to leave our happy catfamily a week after the two first.

Then we have just Jimmy Choo, Icandy and Juice Couture back home - or Icandy will live with his daddy and friends.
We are so happy for Jimmy as well. He will move to a small Cattery during Summer. The date is not set yet - because we are planning to bring them to a catshow together with daddy.

I am so happy for all my babies in this litter - all of them got wonderful new homes.
We wish them all the best and the new owners as well.

The smaller babies who are not so small anymore are also doing great.
Actually it is soon their turn to move to Kristiansand.
But I will go back and pick up the girls when they are done with their vaccines.
Nikita who did not move together with her siblings will get her vaccine at the same time.
She loves her smaller "siblings" and did not mind at all to stay home a little longer :-) She also loves her special tortie-milkbar!

The weather is great now - has been for a long time. I love it - not super warm, but not cold either. Warm Spring temperatures in June.
The cats loves their sunny porch. Where they can sunbath, eat icecream,steel dinner and have alot of fun!

The smallest babies are 10 w old now and are not little angels anymore. We can hear them in the whole house when they run up and down the stairs, chaising eachother. They are like little duracell bunnies who  needs to charges once in a while.
After some sleep, then eating it is 200% naughtiness again.
The weights are also super on this litter.
Remember my little micro tortie when she was newborn. She looked like a little tiny bird in my hands - only 63 gram. That is not a weight I am used to have on my babies.
But she was stubborn and and strong from day one. Has only drank milk from her mommy before she was old enough for solid food.
She is still the smallest, but 1.1kg is not bad at all - actually it is very normal.
Her sister and her 2 red brothers are 1.2 kg and the biggest in this litter is our Prince at 1.4 kg.
Their parents aren't small, but they are not over-zized either - but they love their food ;-)

Smallest and biggest in a silent moment :

The girls :

And the boys :

Sunrise Crush is FOR SALE

Milla and Ozzie are like glue as always  - this was all for now :