June 29, 2014

My little girls

I am so happy for my little girls. All are growing up so fast and soon they can not be called little girls anymore.
The give so much of themselves every day.
They are all very close to eachother.
Nikita did just blend in with the youngest litter - so they think they are all sisters.

Actually are my smallest girls Aunties to Nikita - but in the catworld they don't care about that. They are best of friends - that's all thats matter.

Nikita has developed very nice eyecolour, she is a big girl and very stubborn. Sometimes I wonder if it's the enviroment together with our dearest Ozzie :-)) But her mother is living up to her name Diva - so I guess it is genetic.
It will be a very fun time see her grow up to an adult in time. She got so much from her daddy and grandmother Milla - lots in type and also by personality. But one thing is for sure - she will never be any "lady". She has grown up with too many boys ;-)

Our little tortie girls are the same. A joy to watch. I feel so happy around them. All their red is like sunshine. I think Ozzie feels the same way. She is so proud of her babies and a very good mommy.

Flame is the one with best lenghts all over.Little Coctail  has everything a bit smaller.
But they got the same wonderful profiles. Again I think Coctail has a nicer face.
I am just happy I don't need to choose between them - they will spread their happy personalities around me all their childhood.

Next Friday will there girls and the 3 boys move to Kristiansand - getting ready for their new homes.
All will get the vaccines and micro chips , one will get a rabies shoot. Probably it will be 2 future neuters as well - not fully decidet yet.
I will bring the girls home again after their vaccines - but the naughty boys will City boys until they are ready for their new homes.

I will update with new pictures of them all during next week.
And when we are going to Kristiansand I will see Victoria for a very last time, make new pictures of Icandy and Jimmy as well.

This Spring has been alot of fun, but has also given me some invisible grey hairs.
Happy and wild siamese and oriental kittens are healthy kittens - but some litters are worse than others.....oh my! Naughty and charming all the time!
We will not plan any new litters right away;-)  But we have lots of plans for 2015, when our new generation are all grown up.

The rest of the Summer will  be a mix of working, a little holiday and snuggling with my girls.

I will continue to update my blog with pictures from our Summerlife of course. As long as there are sunny weather my camera are seldom "asleep" ;-)

PS : We are still searching for a very best home for one of our redspotted bico boys.
We can guarentee a very happy,talkactive and creative familymember. He wants a home with a delicious kitchen :-) In return he will give you lots of happiness, laughter and also some grey hairs - that's sounds wonderful, right? :-)