July 11, 2014

Lot's of news


Last week my smallest babies moved to Kristiansand.
It was so grey weather and so I did not make any pictures of them.

But Carolynn's kitchen is wonderful :-) They loves staying there.

We are using alive vaccines on the babies - recomandet not to be given before they are over 12 w old, and after they can not be together with unvaccinated kittens for a week.
But it is so empty without any of the kittens around me , so Nikita got hers and went home with me again.
As company we brought her brothers - Jimmy and Icandy.
Nikita had not seen them for some weeks, but she was so happy to see them again.

Auntie Ozzie is a great extra-mommy.

The smallest babies will get their vaccine actually tomorrow - so later next week we will bring home the two tortie girls.
Then Icandy and Jimmy will move back to Kristiansand.


We had a half plan about showing Hidalgo and 3 of his kittens at a catshow in end of August - but we decidet to do something much nicer.
A little homeless black housecat kitten has joined the boys in Kristiansand. He is not 6 w old yet - but was so happy to get so many new friends. He got lots of energy so oriental friends was just perfect for him.
Because of him we will not show any cats - because he is too little , and will not get his vaccine, ID chip and the neutering before after the catshow.
The little black furball will get a new forever home later on.

He will be separated from the kittens after their vaccine for 1 w, but he got lots of adults to snuggle with - so he will be just fine :-)


Our little tiger-copy - OSHKosB'Gosh had to move back home again.
They found out his new MCO brother is very sick - and need his time alone with his human parents.
They are now invastigating who and how he can be helped in the best possible with maybe an operation.
We are crossing fingers hard for him.

OSHKosh thought he just was on holiday for a week, and was very happy to come home to his human and feline family again.
He will stay in Kristiansand until end of July - and then a new home is waiting for him.
His new family got a puppy and a 4 year old boy so he will have alot of fun. And the new human mommy is a good friend of mine was well. My friend has been talking a long time about having one of our kittens - so now it is happining.
Just in very rare cases a kitten from us will move as a single cat - but he will get the very best home, and this boy loves all living creatures - so a dog will be a great friend for him.
If he will need a feline friend in time we will gladly send away a new one for them.

Back home with daddy.

And our sweethearts who are in my home right now.

Jimmy and Icandy are two very sweet tempered boys.
Jimmy is much more elegant with the longest tail I have ever seen. He is also very big.
But Icandy got soon the same zize too.
Jimmy got more of his mommy's head and face - but he got daddy's calm and laidback personality.
Icandy is the same, but a bit more demanding and he sounds like a duck when he talks :-))

Nikita is just getting more and more beautiful - and she is a little model - so it will be lots of  new pictures taking of her during her childhood.

Two other from the oldest litter has also moved out.
Lilly is well sattled in her new home, and Victoria will also sattle in very fast.
Both their new human families loves them very much and are very happy about their personality.
It's always a joy as a breeder with feedbacks like  that - but temper and health comes always first for me.
But Hidalgo-babies are very very sweet kittens.
The smallest babies are also a bunch of purring sweethearts - so I know their new future owners will be happy for them.

That was all for this updates.