July 23, 2014

Hot summer!

Oh my, the temperatures are so high theese days.
Degrees over 30 + is too much for me.
I am glad I have not started my holiday yet, because we have aircondition at work :-)
Some people loves the hot weather, actually alot of people, but I am not among them.
20 degrees is perfect for me.
Next week the degrees will fall down, and also in next week I will start my short holiday.
2 weeks now, and some more holiday later.
I prefer to have holiday and do stuff at Autum if the Summer is hot :-)

Misty loves the high temperatures :

In the weekend Ozzie's babies came back to us. They have only been in Kristiansand for 2 weeks, but I have missed them dearly.
Coctail has now the same size as her sister, Flame.
But the biggest change is their brother Prince. He is growing and growing and looks like he is from another older litter.
We did weight him and Jimmy and they are got almost the same weight.
Jimmy is very big, Prince is smaller than him  - but he is so full of muscles.
Dinky - father of my bico babies is a big boy so he has given his size to Prince.

All of them are very elegant and very "American". Eating "like horses", but their energy is so high, that there are very little fat on any of them.
So they are very different from Nikita and her siblings.They are big and elegant in a totally different way.
If I can compear them to anyone, it is to my earlier blacksmoke girl, Fayette. Little supermodels all of them.

I love both Fife' standards of cats and CFA standards, so for me is is very fun to have both types.
I have not made new pictures of Sunrise Crush yet - he is like a duracell bunny and hard to catch on the camera when he is running around:-))
But his brother Fire and Ice loves to stick his nose infront of the camera :

The first to leave us from the bico litter is Prince.

We will take him with us when we are going on a short-trip holiday to Sweden next week.
In Sweden we will of course do a little shopping, but we are hoping to visit some breeder friends too.
When Millas breeder did visit us while she was picking up Kajsa, she brought 2 other friends along as well.
So we are hoping to visit them all.
Perfect holiday to visit supernice people and alot of cats to admire.
I am sure Yvonne will have a close eye on Millas mother, Femme, so I will not be able to catnap her... :-)) But I will bring along my camera.

Tomorrow will Nikitas litter-brother OSHKosh move to his new home. We are very exited how it will go to have a furry dog-brother -and are looking forward for updates :-))

OSHKosh when he was a little baby

A little change in the cattery has also been made.
We will keep Jimmy in our breedingprogramme instead of Icandy.
Icandy will move insted to the home Jimmy was suppose to move to in end of August.
Both boys are super-super sweet in temper, Icandy got a better type, but Jimmy has smelted my heart.
So after his few planned litters in our cattery he will be my home-neuter. We need a calm boy among the girls - but the right boy has not been there before now.
He is a clone of his daddy, so calm, a perfect boy together with furry ladies with hormones.
A lilac boy was not my plan, but sometimes the heart just don't listen :-)
Jimmy will grow up a little in my home and a little with daddy. When he is fertile, he will stay with in daddy's home until he is neutred.

This was all for this time. We have some secrets to announce a bit later this year, so if want to know, you better visit our blog again during the Autumn ;-)