August 27, 2018

Our kittens are 6 and 7 w old.

The kittens were not long freely in the kitchen. A short week.
Who's fault was that?
Again, Geisha Girl of course, and this time she learn her escape trick to her brother Rocketman and also Tuxedo.
I don't have time to argue with them, since they are always using the cat toilets now.

I did take away our very big scratching tree, and then it is safe for them to stay in the smallest livingroom as well.
And the result? Even more happy kittens :-)) Wrooom wroooom!!

But even buisy kittens need some rest sometime.

The new most popular place in our home  is under the heat pump. We all love it, and no regrets of installing it in February this year.

Here are some new pictures of the kittens taken Friday and Sunday.

Geisha Girl and Rocketman 7 w old  :

Pepsi's babies 6 w old - 1 or 2 of the babies are for sale , contact us for more information.

Dragonfly :

Tuxedo :

Firecracker :