August 21, 2018

Kittens are 5 and 6 w old.

As usually, time flies!

The kittens are growing so fast, and changing day by day.
I had the kittens in a little kitten-run in the kitchen a short period.  They were so clever, learning to use the toilet.
One day, the naughtiest in the litter , Geisha Girl, understood how to escape.
It resulted in that she did not want to climb back inside it.
Therfor Ziva and Pepsi helped the other 4 over, so the kittens could stay together.

Down in my basement I went - to get more toilets placed in the kitchen.
The kittens got suddenly the whole kitchen to run freely in - so so happy and satisfied.

Everyone is now eating raw and wet , got their own little radio so they can listen to music and talking when I am not at home.
But when I am home, they all demand me to come sit on the floor to snuggle with them - many times a day. I defently don't mind doing that.
All 5 have very sweet personalities and are so friendly and outgoing. Like we always want them to be, of course.

Yesterday they also said hello to Jesse , but I did only made pics with 2 of the boys together with him.
Jesse  loves kittens so much, and as he is less "puppish" now, he is so gentle with them. We haven't introduced the dogs to the kittens before, this time , because Pepsi has made it clear that no Jesse is aloud in the kitchen .( Cookie is aloud, but she is the calm one of them)
She is such a good mother, but a bit too protective, like some first-time mothers can be.
Pepsi loves the dogs as well.
So yesterday, it was ok to say hello to the dogs - with strict supervision from both me and Pepsi.
In few weeks the dogs will be babysitting all the naughty sweethearts when they will run freely on the 1.floor.

The girls :

Firecracker 5 w old :

Geisha Girl 6 w old :

Our redhead :

Dragonfly 5 w old :

2 boys are still availible,

Tuxedo - suitable for breeding,show or just as a happy spoiled pet . 
5 w old on the pics.He is very calm,friendly and gentle.

Rocketman , pet home , can be shown if wanted , he is also very nice in type and has no defects.  6 w old on the pics.  He is a little happy tornado, that talks ALOT and is our little stamp. He loves sitting in our lap to snuggle and be kissed after eaten. If he could decidet, he would love to by carried around all day.  

Auntie Mocha is also very satisfied that the "kindergarden" finally has been opened.
All the toys!!