September 6, 2018

Kittens 7-8 and 8-9 w old .

Alot has happened the last two weeks.
Our big little sweetheart, Rocketman ,got a big abcess on his nose. Probably from a scratch while playing .
We noticed his nose grew bigger and bigger in just 24 hours.
It was very painfull, but luckily it was over in few days.
He got help very quickly.
And now,a week after it happened, hos nose look very well again.

Auntie Mocha has also been spayed. We decidet it will be too difficult to make any kittens plans with her at the moment. Of course we could choose to put her on a suprelorin chip, but she is first of all my little happy furball maskot.
Her healing went quickly as well, and after some days, she was together with the others again.
And after her uterus was out - her mother feeling came.
So now the kittens got even a fluffy mother as well.
They welcome snuggle and love with open paws - regardles of the hair lenghts.

Last week was also the last week with safety areas. Jesse has been watching his " kitten-TV" every day.
Now they are running freely on the 1.floor.
We close it in half  during night-time.

The kittens loves their freedom.

Here are the weekly pics of our sweethearts.

Geisha Girl and Rocketman:

Tuxedo, Firecracker and Dragonfly :

And all 5 :

We have now found superduper future homes for Rocketman and Tuxedo.
Rocketman will actually move to my beloved Fantasy's new home in the North of Norway.
I haven't decide if Dragonfly will be for sale or stay yet.
But if the very right home contact me, maybe :-)

If you want to see more of the kittens and the Cattery , I have made a FB link on the top of the blog.
Just send me a friend-request and I will add you as my friend.

2 bonus pics in the end - I love them both so much.