October 31, 2015

We are expecting Leo's first litter!

Oh yes we do :-) But plans are often changed by the cats.
We had plans with Leo and Tia, our black girl. But Tia is on holiday.... all she does is eat,play,couddle and sleep. We were so sure she had something going on in the hotell room in Drammen, but she change her mind with her calling-plans.
Oh well, she blendet so easy in to our catgroup, so she will be mated when she decide her lazy holiday is over.

Then we had some funny weeks. Misty was calling, but not for very long.
Then Nikita started to call, my worst nightmare was true :D  She got such strong and high voice when she talks daily, and when she started to call we were sure our ears would soon explode.
Nikita called 1 week, then another week ...... then Mercy started.... and Nikita called and called.
I did not see any other option than bringing Leo home to her.
So Leo mated her servreal of times in her round 3 of her calling-weeks.
And finally it was silent - thank goodness!! We were also worried about an uterus infection, so that was the reason we mated here now.

After 3 weeks with calling Nikita was very skinny. But that changed in the next week. Now she had time to eat again.
We knew Nikita was pregnant 2 weeks after the mating, the signs were so clear.

Her and Mistys 3 babies are now  4 month old, but since we were so unlucky with our two litters this time , with 2 mothers , 1 baby nursing and 2 babies were bottle fed - Nikitas body is not directly exhausted.

I am very corious about this litter. We might have a small litter, since the mating happend very late, or we can have a big litter. Time will tell.
I am just hoping for some more girls - in black or chocolate with pattern.  If my wish come true, we will probably not keep the fawnspotted girl in this litter. Anyway we have a home for her.

Misty and Ainurs beautiful boy will for sure stay in our breeding programme. Red and white - is like music in my ears , maybe some little torties and calicos in the future.

Around the same time Matheo and Naomi arrived from US and Finland - also "Fantasy" came home again to us.
We had found a great hosthome  for her, but Fantasy did not agree about that. Fantasy loved the dog, her two new cat-friends and her new 2 legged mommies , but something was not right.
We never found the reason for it. Sometimes it would be nice if they could talk!
So she came home again to us. After some few grumpy days, she was back to be our always purring and happy girl.
She loves dogs, has a special bound with them, just like her brother Seven Sins.
So when she met King and Cookie again, she was thrilled.

I will soon try to make some new pictures of her and also of Naomi. Her picture under " OSH females" is just temporary.

We have also made some new plans, and we will soon do some more PRA testing of our cats.

Picture taken by Naomis breeder - thank you Krista.

Flame has one more show to do this weekend, and then she will come by and say bye bye to us, before she leaves to California with Cherylee.
Then I have exited news to update my blog with.