October 21, 2015

CFA update , Naomi and Matheo .

Last weekend Carolynn and Flame went to Tallinn in Estonia , visiting a CFA show.
They had a wonderful time there with old friends and making new friends.
Flame's new mommy came all the way from sunny California.

During the weekend I suddenly got a message on my phone from Carolynn.
"Do you want me to bring home a chocolatespotted bico girl to you?"
I did not quite understand what I had read.
We had to talk, read pedigrees and I had to think. I had absolutly not planned a new girl just in few days. And the dessision had to be made right away.
So the girl came with them on the flight back to Oslo.
Very late that  night Carolynn and Flame's new mommy, Cherylee arrived outside my house.

I was so happy to meet the two new cats.

Naomi's Sundayname : Deraza Adorable Button Box.
She is very big for her age, she is very elegant, beautiful profile, green eyes - super qualitees we need for our future breeding programme. And one more important thing ,her pedigree is unrelated from what we got.

We are getting to know her now, and she us and my other furry girls.
Naomi is running freely in the house, but has toilet,water and food upstairs in my mating-room with the door open.
It is nice to have a room she can relax in and feel safe also from the dogs she has to get to know.  But they don't run upstairs anyway.

Tia and Mercy think it is very fun and interesting with a new girl in the group  and make sure that she always has company - either Naomi likes it or not :D
I am sure they will be good friends very soon.
Naomi is very outgoing and sweet.

Thank you so much Krista for Naomi.
Finally we have a girl in one of my favorite colours in my home again.
We are so greatful and looking forward for the cooperation .
We are not 100% sure yet, but maybe we will mate her with a beautiful chocolatespotted OSH , all American next year.

And then it is our new little silver boy, Yes, you did read right, a s-i-l-v-e-r !!
Silver is beautiful, but not a part of my breeding programme.
Matheo , or San Toi's Aquarius , his real name - Carolynn and her daughter saw him first time when he was a little baby, while they were visiting Matheo's breeders this Summer.
In the start Carolynn's daughter had big problems just to look at him, because he remindet so much about a little boy we got to learn to love and loose shortly after.
Can you see who Matheo is very much alike?

Matheo is very much alike Ainurs brother, Gandalf, who passed away shortly after he came to Norway.

When Matheo was offered to me( Carolynn), I was really not sure.  Gandalf was my little lovebug, I loved every inches of him and his type, but was it so smart to have a little copy of him?
I did not have to decidet it there and then.
Matheo was growing bigger and was getting more and more beautiful.

It endet with me saying yes to have him, and after he arrived I have never regret.
Silver is still not a big plan for our breeding programme, but we will see what happens.
Matheo is choosen by heart.
He is so so American, a beautiful CFA standard.
He is very elegant. The only one I can compear him too, is our earlier girl Fayette. Not a gram fat, just elegance. He is loooong from tailtip to nosetip, beautiful long head, beautiful profile, amazing eyes. I haven't find anything I don't love about him yet ;-)

Matheo is a youngsterboy, and is living in my bedroom for a while. He will soon get very interested in girls, so we don't take any chances before we are ready as well.
Later he will be mated with Mercy and Tia.
After that our plan is to chip him with the Suprelorin,, so we can have a temporary neuter boy to couddle with amoung our girls.

So thank you again so much Dee and Connie - San Toi's  for another beauty, and thanks to Cherylee for bringing him safe home to us.

With those two new cats and what we allready got, I am very exited about future breeding plans.
I love some extreme oriental cats, but most of them don't have the elegance and for sure not the right triangles shape of the head.
The goal of making my dreamcat is feeling much closer now.
To make a cat preferly chocolate spotted or as a tortie. With superelegance and a head mixed of the best between European and American. Shame to give up, one day it will happen :-))

Much better pictures will be made of them later.