October 15, 2015

Our little babies.

Finally it was nice enough weather tryin' to make some new pictures of our 3 babies.
But noone of them were so very cooperative today ;-)

They are around 3 month old now, and the smallest girl has finally started to gain weight more normally. She is so picky when it comes to food. But a little better day by day now. Some kittens are like that. We had "Fantasy" in Misty's earlier litter as well, milkbar was best.
And for those who remember Nikita's mommy, Diva. When she was a baby, oh my , solid food tasted terrible for many weeks. So I guess Dreamcather is a little like her grandma.

Since their rough start of life, noone of the babies will leave us for a long time. And since they are just 3 sweethearts  they are almost not noticable ;-)

Daydreamer is one day dark fawn, the other day she is lilac. But soon we will have  visit of a breeder who breed those colours, so soon I hopefully know.
Daydreamer is not much related to Mercy, but she is so similar to her in personality. I bet Mercy is a bit blonder, but both are so cool and laidback. And Daydreamer loves the dogs, even our naughty puppy. With King it is different - he is always calm inside.

Misty's little boy is not that little anylonger. He needet his time, but has grown and developed alot.
He is still very very happy - our sunshine-boy.
Kichiro has always had daddy's face and ears, but now that he is growing, we can see he will get Ainurs bodytype as well. So he will turn in to a big and super-elegant boy in time.

We enjoy every minutes with them all.

Dreamcather - Nikita and Ainurs little girl :

Daydreamer - Nikita and Ainurs bigger girl :

Kichiro  - Misty and Ainurs boy :

And some various pictures :-)
They are a happy family, sharing milkbars and got 2 mommies.