October 10, 2015

"Ozzies" daughters and CFA shows.


A bit earlier this Fall, (N) Attack's Flame of Love came back to us.
It was a great pleasure to see her again.
She started to call, so we brough up Leo to her.
As the stubborn tortie she is, she  decidet not to call anymore.
So Leo and Flame spendt a short week together just to kiss and couddle ;-)

Sadly she did not adjust in our cat group again. The main problem was the dogs.
King and Cookie are just the sweetest together with the cats, but Flame did not agree on that point.
So then Flame moved temporary to Carolynn and the boys, and is very happy.
We have found the next best soloution for Flame, so in about a month she will move to a very good home.

In the next month Flame and Carolynn will enter som CFA shows together with Flames new mommy.
We are very exited about the shows, and crossing fingers for them.
First stop will be Tallinn in Estonia next weekend!
Good luck, ladies :D


A couple of weeks ago we brought home Ozzie's other daughter , (N) Attack's Highway Star - Flames halfsister.
She is living in a host home, and is now on visit to be used in our breeding program.
Tia is living with 2 little dogs herself, so comming home to us for a while was not any problem.
She needet a short week, and she is now friends with all the cats and our dogs.
Tia is a big and elegant girl. She got some facts and stubborness from her mother, and alot of easy happiness from her father.
Tia is also halfsister to Nikita, and it was strange, almost like she felt it - those two became friends right away. But those who have met Nikita ...... Nikita is a Alfa female, but in her world there is no drama , no need to hiss or make problems.  And  Mercy , she is a blond junior - I love blonds oriental cats, they are just lovely sweethearts 24/7.

I will soon make some new pics of our little kittens, and in start of November we have a big surprice ;.)

We will continue to enjoy our darling-furry family.
Have a great weekend.