December 10, 2014

Rehomed - oriental friendship - endless love.

Sometimes breeders rehomes a cat once in a while, during special circumstances. Not everyone does, but there is no right or wrong answer to it.
For me it is the most important that the cats has the best pampered life that's possible.
I treat my breeding cats and kittens the same - with endless love. For the future I wish the best for all of them. Either they stay home with me or if they find their new best forever home when they moves to pet homes.
I do not have a big cattery, but I belive some of the cats are much happier is a normal pet home after neutrering -  It is just personal toughts about it, and I can only speak for  the oriental breed.

Some cats crawles right in to a special place in my heart, a bit more than others - that's natural.
And Major is such a boy. He was imported from CZ - Little Stuart Cattery.
He was a cat that was never ment to be rehomed - but things happens. A long story, not to be written about today.
He needet a special home and there was a girl who needet a special friend back then. I belive it was the destiny for both of them and I am so happy for them both.

Later on Major got a new little furry girlfriend, a homebreed Attack's cat who was retired from my breeding programme because she got an awful pyometra.She lost all her 9 babies after birth. This little tortie girl  was planned to be rehomed to Major from she was a kitten. She moved faster than planned and had a wonderful life there, but too short, caused of bad kidneys.

Major was then a lonely oriental again, and no orientals shall live as a single-cat a whole lifetime. They need a best furry friend to snuggle with, to kiss and to play with.
So to make another story short, our superactive and happy little chocolate spotted girl, Emma, moved to Major.
Emma is Hidalgo's litter-sister.

It did not take many days before Major was very happy for his new furry girlfriend. And Emma, well I think she loves her new big brother very much as well. Pictures never lies :

So thank you so so much, Caroline for giving those two lovebugs the best forever home in the world.
I hope you all will have a long life together. And thanks for all the lovely pictures.