March 25, 2014

Spring is in the air - babies 8 days.

Finally, after a grey grey Winter the sun is shining again.
The first I did on Sunday was to get the porch half done ready. Up with the curtains ( I choose to use the same as last year) and out with the sofa.
When the frosty nights is over, me and and friend will go flower and plant shopping.

The cats has been ouside a short while.Still a bit cold in the air.
I love Spring and hope for many sunny days. It is perfect temperatures outside from April to June if the temperatures is not super-high. I love it when it is between 15 and 22 degrees.

My camera love the Spring too - then we can make pictures without the blitz.

I have been waiting so long to get some nice pictures of our new girl from Finland.
Well..... it seems like I can wait even longer to get the pictures I want,because she had not time to stand still with her face directet infront of the camera.
Therfor I made some pictures of her elegance and profile instead. She was almost like a statue!
Misty is beautiful from right to left, infront and from behind :-))

Hidalgo and Diva's babies are growing, and all of them has opened their eyes.
Diva is one of the best mommies for many years. She is serving her babies cream and never leave their side for many seconds.
All they are doing are eating and sleeping. It is like it should be of course, but I get amazed everytime a first-time mommy is so fantastic. I should not doubt , she is Millas daughter - with super motherly genes - the best to find.

I have not manage to make so many pictures,just because of Diva.
But today we found a super solution. I was aloud to place one and one kitten in a furry bed, if Diva and the rest of the babies could lay few cm close by.
But with the sun in their eyes, they had their eyes closed on the photoes.

All of them are really beautiful - all 6 of them. I am so exited to follow their development.

The boys 8 days old:

The girls 8 days old :

Noone of the kittens are for sale yet - but you are free to contact me if you are interested in any of them.