March 20, 2014

Bye bye charming older babies and welcome to this world to little newbies.

So much has happend here, but I have been  buisy with work,family and friends and halfway forgot to update my blog.

1.thing :

But..... our new harleqin girl is well sattled in our home, and Ozzie and Milla adores her.
I am so happy for that,because they are all my special girls who I love very much.
As I said earlier - babies or adults new cats who put their paws over the doorstep in this house - friendship are made in very short days.
And Ozzie can continue to rule our home with her stubberness and charming personality and got 2 cats who are older cats who are so far away from Ozzie's personality , and they spoil her even more. I hope it will always be like that.

There will hopefully come some pictures of all 3 of them soon - when I got time and there is nice weather.

2.thing :

Tia and Kajsa will soon be moving.
Girls from Ozzie and Hidalgo.
They are actually soon 4.5 month old. They have been living part time with us and part time with my co-owner. My co.owner who has daddy Hidalgo has maybe some grey hairs now - but the babies has loved to get to know  their daddy as well, who has been their second mommy while they were living there.
Lucy kittens who  got so many "mommies".
We will do it will all litters we will have together in the future.
Then they will get even more sosial and "happy go lucky". But they was born super-sosial as well - all the best from mommy and daddy.

We have decidet Tia , the black girl who was kept for our breeding programme will be living in a forever home with Millas daughter, Diva.
But when she will have 1 or maybe more litters - they will be born and raised in our home.

The blackspotted girl - who is a true copy of daddy, Hidalgo will also move soon to her new home.
She will be living in a small cattery filled with love.
Kajsa is a funny girl. She looks like her daddy and she acts like her daddy. Blond,blond,blond - but with a heart of gold.

A single picture of Kajsa and I hope I never get a black kitten in this house ever again by Winter time!! I have really tried making nice picture of her,but I gave up.

3.thing :

Our March-litter is finally born.
Proud parents this time is Hidalgo and Diva.
The birth took time - because Diva has all the time in  the world to kiss and couddle with every little baby who was born. The result was a extremly tired me who went for work later the same morning.
Baby 1 and baby 3 had a rough birth, but thanks to my supergood friend and cooperater Diva made it so well, so we did not need any c-section.
Because the girls wanted to come out to this world with their tail and a foot first!
6 kittens this time also. 4 boys, where 2 of them are siamese babies and 2 OSH girls and all of them are so pretty.
I was guessing for lots of chocoalates,but we got blue and lilac. Of course we have to wait to see what the siamese babies will be, but I don't think my wish will come true - the seal pointed siamese ;-)

Diva has proven to be a super-fantastic mother. One of the very the best. She is a walking milkbar and her babies are growing fatter each day.
She is very protected and proud of her treasures, so I will not stress her with new single-pictures before they are 3.weeks old.
Then we will introduce them with their names.
The 2-3 first weeks are always risky, at least I am always  worried, but I hope it will go well with all 6 of them. A superhealthy and strong mommy who is delivering cream to her babies is a very good start.

The boys 3d old :

And the two girls :

You are more than welcome to contact me about the babies, but noone of them are for sale before much later.