March 1, 2013

The 3 musketeers

It is so lovly to live so close to our beloved boys.
Then it is easy to take new pictures from time to time.
The little boys are not so little anymore. Well, Hidalgo has not been little ;-)

Hidalgo and Bico are the naughty team,but they need Tiger too, so they are perfect for eachother all 3. And it is such a pleasure to visit them. They are a bunch of sweethearts, so gentle,funny with super super temper.

Tiger is getting ready for the adult fertile life,so we are waiting for Ozzie's new call.
In the mean time he sings loud and clear, so Carolynn's ears get pretty sore,but he has no interests in spraying. We hope he never starts either.
While I am writing, I am still here in Kristiansand. Mommy Milla and Ozzie are also with us this time. Milla has never been in this house before, but I think she likes to be here.
And her favorite person beside me, is Auntie Carolynn. So last night she had Milla in one arm and Tiger in the other,when they went to bed to sleep.

Here comes some pictures from Friday. Milla and Ozzie came on Sunday so they are not taken new pictures of. But we will take some soon.
Bico is getting more and more alike his daddy. He has Dinky's supergreen eyes and his elegant body. I am very courius about him.
He will probably be my maskot and move home when he gets neutred. Bico is a very special boy who has a special place in my heart - but until he is neutred he will stay with the other boys,because of his mommy,Milla.
And all 3 boys are food-stealers , so the daughter in the house get seldom her food alone:-))


Next week I hope to visit Diva - our fostergirl who lives in Stavanger - with my camera of course.