March 15, 2013

A new little princess has arrived:-)

Finally the waiting is over. We have a new little girl.

When my good friend and cooperater Carolynn went to Germany to pick up Hidalgo from Stefanie she was able to couddle with 3 different litters. With other words, lots of beautiful,curious kittens in different ages.
One little kitten was very different from the others, one of Hidalgos litter-sisters.
Her name is Honey Bunch, and she fits her name perfectly.
Even she was at the time just 4 month old,she helped out with all the kittens in the house,big and small.
She was the extra mini super-nanny.

Honey was still for sale, and Carolynn tried to reach me by phone. But I was at my work and did not get hold on her before much later - then she,her daughter and Hidalgo was far away from Stefanie.
We spoke,and Carolynn did not want to take with her 2 cats to Norway without speaking with me first.
She should have done that, I fell in love with Honeys personality right away.
So we decidet that we wanted Honey too, and she was reserved the same day Hidalgo drowe to Norway - 16th of Dec 12.

Since it was Christmas and later not the easiest weather to drive a car in, we had to wait some time before we could pick Honey up.
Then we lost our beloved Ida and much more happend. The time seemed never right.

But now is Honey here with us! She is a girly version of her other litter-brother Starlite, and she is such a sweetie. Not extreme in any way, but she got her wonderful pedigree. For me pedigrees are often more important than just a cats look.
The best with Honey is her calm and sweet personality.Her need to care for all little once.
She is really just like our wonderful girl, Milla.
So I feel so greatful to have 2 girls like that in my cattery now. Future kittens will be very lucky.

Honey is also a houdini. She broke out of her travel cage - the very first thing she did when she was put in the car. She wanted to sleep in my lap all the way home.
She charmed/frightened some costumers too with her talking:-))

She is also co-owned with Carolynn.
Since I have been sorted "forced" to stay with Carolynn for a while, during illness, Honey came first to her home. There she has seen all the cats,boys and girls. Milla and Ozzie is also here with us.
From the very frist start - day 1, Honey has been one of the others. Never any hiss.
She found especially 2 favorites very fast. Milla who is the same calm sweetheart as her self and her brother Hidalgo.
Tiger has also been kissing her,and like his future girlfriend very much.

So now we are looking forward for the Summer.
Honey got good pattern, green-green eyes and are very elegant - all qualitees Tiger could need more of.

So we want to thank Stefanie one more time for another beautiful cat with an amazing temper.
You,your family and your other sweet cats have done a great job with them.

Honey Bunch will live with Ozzie and Milla.