March 31, 2013

A touch of Spring

March has been cold. About 2 w ago, it came a huge snowfall in Kristiansand. I was visiting the boys,and when it was time to go home, I was walking in snow over my knees.

Now we are in the end of the month,and sudden we gets a touch of Spring. It is not warm in temperature, and defently ice cold at night time. But in daytime the sun is really warming.

So then it was  time to get the porch ready for the cats.
I have chosen to have it blue this year. And I have also bought a new sofa, so it gets better place when friends comes on visit.
The real flowers is not planted yet, but I did manage to get it cosy anyway.

Emma has been here only 14 days, but it feels like she has been living with us forever. She sattle down in 1 day.
She is an energic and happy little lady who loves everyone. We tought she would get closest to Milla, but it is strange how they choose. She chose Ozzie, the most naughty (and sweet) cats of them all.
Milla is good to have when she get tired tough :-)
Emma has wondeful green eyes and gets better and better spots. And she is very elegant. So we are very pleased with her.

As it is Easter now, we have visit of all 3 boys. It is very different from 3 to 6 cats in the house.
And Tiger and Hidalgo are big big boys and not so silent when they are racing around. Bom-bom - it is like elephants. And Ozzie and Emma who is also high and low - it is a miracle all things stands on the same places when the night comes :-)
Tiger is the boss,but Hidalgo don't mind. And as Tiger is Bicos big hero,he think it is ok too.

We have just one sad anounsment to come with.
Little Bico has been trough a big health check. We knew from the past that not everything  was optimal. But we climbed to the hope that it would be ok, when he grew.
We had him colour tested, and he is lilac spottet, and we had him tested for PRA. He is N/N.
Then it was time to wait for all the tests we had done at the Vet,
My stomac feeling was not the best,but maby maby he was allright, maby we could have one litter with him. So he could pass on his eyecolour and his wonderful temper.
I am just glad we did not sell him when he was little. The result came back, His liver is totally damage.
It was a chock, Breeding is a bonus, but a long happy life is the most important. We don't know how long he will be a happy boy with no pain. For now it looks very good,but it can turn quickly.
We just hope he will fight so we can have him at least a  couple of years.
He has fighted all since birth. He should not survived. He did not get much help,but he wanted to live.
Wanted to live to spread joy and love around us. Therfor this feels so unfair.
Bico has been put on Suplerion chip,because it was to risky to put him in narkoses for a neutering. But it works very well. Then his body do not need to concentrate on fertility on top of his other problems.

He has his forever home together with Tiger and Hidalgo, and both are taking very good care of him. Especially Tiger. He must have known from the start that Bico is a very special little boy with special needs. Tiger has the same special "gene" that also Milla has. The need of taking care of those who needs it the  most. I love Tiger for that,
As Bico is also here now, he know when his body needs to rest. Then he can sleep for hours.
When he wants to play he is seeking Emma.

This was all this time.
As the Spring is just around the corner it will be lots of updates and pictures during the next months.