May 22, 2012

Welcome Summer!!

Finally the Summer wanted to show up. It has been a lovly day. At if the weatherman is right, it will be sunny and shiny at least the next 2 weeks.
So we have made the porch almost ready for this year. I have planted roses this years too, and the cats have a big catnip-plant, and will later get some grass as well.

Many feel so sorry for indoors-cats, they can really not have a happy life. But it was only 2 cats who wanted to stay on the porch for a longer period today. The others claimed the sofa in my TV-livingroom:-) I have sofa-animals:-))

The latest cattery-news for now, is a new happy neuter. Breeding is making alot of plans, but in the end the cats decide what will happen.
Omar has had visit of some girls, but not one was charming enough for him, so there was no mating:-) They did their very best,but he as just sitting there watching them. And when the ladies went home,he must have been thinking " oh good, peace and silent again":-)
Some cats are not ment for breeding,and probably is Omar one of them. We could of course held him fertile much much longer,but I do not see any use in that. If he do not want to mate, there is nothing much more to do. And if he had offspring,some could also get this problemm in future, so after all, the neutering was the only option. But his wonderful temper will forever be there.

After all the neuters are the best cats - they do not fit for breeding of course,but they gives us less worries. And I just want the best for all my treasures.

The next update will follow soon, with some other good news - hopfully soon :-)