May 26, 2012

Welcome home!!

Our little fighter is back home with us. Millas precious heartbreaker.
In 6 weeks he has lived in another fosterhome, and has grown up with a beautiful birmaen family.
When a kitten moves it is both sad and good feelings at the same time.
We have been waiting and hoping for this day to come,and when the time has came, I am a bit sad to share them appart.
But fostermommy has 3 wonderful babies left.

Bye bye, extra mommy, thank you for taking so good care of me,for all the love and caring.And so goes for your human-parents as well, you are all the best!

Bye bye friends, I hope you will grow up to be extra naughty birmaen,since I have been a part of your life for some weeks.

And here he is, baby-Tiger . (N)Attack's Heaven Can Wait.
The most beautiful baby boy in the world of course:-)
So big,healthy and charming. He is simply not afraid of anything.
And is is just a copy of his mommy, so so beautiful.
He has huge paws and will probably grow up to be a big and wonderful oriental cat. He is hiding his spotts,but it seems like they will come clearer and clearer week by week.

The blogg will be filled with pictures of him this Summer - we have much to catch up:-)

But there is also another one we have to introduce. A very handsome and sweet boy who has been living here a while.
Him and Ida are both 6 month old..
I became in love with him, right before Millas babies came, and I have never regret.
With the sadness of the big loss of our Leo, it is a blessing to have such a healthy and happy cat in our home.
I am so so satisfied with him.
For me a cat is more than 2 big well placed ears when choosing cats, I am looking for many more qualitees. Our new sweetheart got absolutly everything correct, minus his ears.
But breeding is much more than just mating 2 cats,and I hope the pedigrees are perfect together.
My girls has much that he need,and he has ALOT they need.
He reminds me alot of Fayette, and they got the all the same,beside Fayettes mean look.

This boy has a superfantastic fur quality. It feels like silk.
The eyes are very very green who is very important in my breeding programme.
He is, very high legged and has an amazing profile.
He is very big for his age,with fantastic lenghts.
The pattern is so clear and wonderful.
And his temper is SUPER.

I love his pedigree, and he got much from the American part.
We can't wait to see what he can do together with our girls in the future.
Especially it will be very interesting with him and Fayette,since they are so much alike in their body.

Do this fantastic boy has a name? His name is  S*La Bell Dinky Toy , chocolateclassic bicolour.
Thank you so much, Jill for let me be a part of his life.



The pattern:

His neverending wonderful lenghts :

So the future of our breeding programme looks bright with my 2 new wonderful boys.

We end this update  with a picture of Ida. Sometimes even for a siamese the Summer-heat can be a bit too much:-)