May 16, 2012

Blue blue blue .

Last night I saw a beautiful Fall-album from Argentina.
Fayettes beautiful and lucky halfbrother.
I am so proud of him, he has developed to a very handsome young boy with many of the same breeding qualitees like his halfsister.
It was really hard to pick just a few pictures to show you here in the blogg.
All the pictures is made by his owner,Maria.
Thank you so so much for taking so good care of our big love.

And the blue continues.
I want also to show you some new pictures of our wonderful tortie, Ida.
She has an eyecolour anyone can "drown into". She is still a turbo and sit seldom still. We love her dearly.

And a last one, of the most precious little boy in the whole Universe.
Millas little heartbreaker, "Tiger".
He has a worldwide fanclub:-))

For the future of our cattery we have some exiting plans for the Autumn.
Fayette was suppose to move to another breeder this Spring,but she will stay home.
Instead we are hoping to send an offspring to that breeder in future.

But first we will enjoy the Summer,when the sun decide to show up:-)