June 17, 2011

Kittens 12 weeks

On Sunday the babies are 12 weeks old. Both the girls has developed very harmonic personalities. They are very similar to Maidens litter last year,so I am very pleased with them. Outgoing,naughty and very courius.
And finally the eye colour is getting stronger and stronger,and GREEN. I love their eye colour very much.
Siouxie is the big charmer in the litter,and she talk and talk and are so sweet. She want to be with us everywhere and love to help out. I know a charmer like that,and that is her father, Major.
And she simply adore plushed toys. Big or small,no difference, they can be carry around and grrrrrrr,noone dear to steel them from her:-)
Fayette is the typey model, so elegant, she looks like a black shiny porcelain statue. She have a little more stubborn personality, and know very well what she loves and what she dislike. I belive she will be  very much alike her mother in both type and personality. A wannabe tortie, but I love them :-)

Siouxie on the 2 first pictures, Fayette on the 2 last.