June 4, 2011

10 weeks old and Summertime

On Sunday the kittens will be 10 weeks old. I wonder why the weeks always runs too fast.
Their vaccine went very well. They got a little fever and slept the whole Monday,so it was very silent in the house.
But after their  long beautysleep they were high and low the next morning. So very normal reaction.

The Summer has arrived in South of Norway and we hope it will stay nice and warm for a long time. The Spring has been very wet,at least May was:-)
All the cats are very happy about the high temperatures outside and enjoy the porch very much.
This year it goes in lilac and green.
We will decorate some more,but are allready half done.

Today I did caught my beautiful Maiden with my camera. She is a very seldom object :-) Maiden is the mother of our sweet twins. I think both of them looks alot of her,but in very different ways.