June 10, 2011

11 weeks on Sunday

Another week has gone, and our sweethearts are 1 week older. It is getting closer and closer for their  moving out day, and that feels a little sad. At least I have the whole June and half part of July  with them.
Today I tried to make some pictures outside. We have sun and lovly weather,but it is a little windy.
The light in the pictures is the result of a very pink iglo bed and the sun. They have not change in to chocolate silvers :-)

The eye colour has started to change now. In doors they have a very nice green colour,but I have not caught it on my camera yet.

Maiden loves her babies very much,and is a super mommy. She was a super mommy on her earlier litter as well,but since she have only 2 babies this time,she have so much more energy to enjoy them all the time. Even if they are only 2,they have manage to give her alot of grey hairs:-) She still think sometimes they should listen more to her,sometimes she think also they don't know to walk properly. Strict but very loving. Her babies do not listen so much to any of her advices,but that's another story :-)

And yes, here is some of todays pictures :