April 3, 2011

The twins are 1 week old

By midnight our 2 black panthers will be 1 week old. They are so sweet but very different.
The biggest is very satisfied if he can eat,sleep,eat and eat some more.The only time we notice she has his own meanings,is when she is not eating:-)
To compear her to her sister,they are like day and night.
The little girl have a meaning about everything,she speak load and clear and want to do alot of things at the same time.
While the big girl was laying on the blanket happy and calm while my camera was on, her sister wanted to to the oposite of course :-)

(Few days after I did publish the 1 weeks pics of the babies,we discovered both was girls :D )

Both has open their eyes, and here they are :



Proud parents are:
Major Little Stuart *CZ OSH n24
(N)Attack's Maiden's Blush SIA a

Born : 27th of March 2011
Pedigree will be uploadet later,but you can find their parents pedigrees on it page.

If you are interested in any of the kittens,please send me an email,then we can see what happens after they have reach the age of at least 3 weeks.