September 1, 2010

Our little moviestars

The kittens are named after Vampires movies,since they are born on a real horror movie date.-)
All of them are in option until they are 6 weeks,then I know more who might will be avalible. But kitten inquires are welcome anyway.

The kittens are now 19 days old.
I love to make photoes of them,but it is not easy to make any nice photoes of pointed babies,inside a half dark livingroom by night time. But by the weekend,we are going outside,on the porch.
So better pics are comming.

They have become very social now. I want to share a movie,there are alot of sound,alot that needet to be said. "Pick us up, pick us up" :-))

The movie

And some new pictures of course.
Devils Daughter 18 days
Moonlight 18 days

Charmed 18 days

Urban Gotich 18 days