September 3, 2010

The babies are 3 weeks today.

A little update for those who not know :
Moon Sparkle and Hagia became proud parents friday 13th of August.

Urban Gotich - OSH d -Option
Devils Daughter - OSH f  - STAYS
Moonlight SIA n - Option
Charmed SIA n - Option

The kittens are named after Vampires movies,since they are born on a real horror movie date.-
All of them are in option until they are 6 weeks,then I know more who might will be avalible. But kitten inquires are welcome anyway.

Today it was sunny outside,so we went out on my porch. It is a little easier to make ok pictures of siamese kittens outside.
The kittens are growing and are very courius. They know there is a life outside the kitten box,and I think they will move in less than a week. Then it is time to be kitchen terrorists:-))
I love the babies so much,but the tortie has totally stolen my heart.
Well I am a tortie-holic,so I should not be surprised.
And the siamese boys did "change" their colours the other day.From blue to seal. I am not sad about that.
I have not had any seal pointed baby homebreed since 2004.