September 26, 2010

The kittens are 6 weeks old

Moon Sparkle and Hagia became proud parents friday 13th of August.
Urban Gotich - OSH d -Option
Devils Daughter - OSH f - STAYS
Moonlight SIA n - Option
Charmed SIA n - Option

The kittens are named after Vampires movies,since they are born on a real horror movie date.-
All of them are in option until they are 6 weeks,then I know more who might will be avalible. But kitten inquires are welcome anyway.

The kittens are growing and developing very nicly.
In type they are very different to eachother. Charmed are more the American type.
Last night I got my own little mini-studio with spot lights. It is my hope for our Winther litters to make nice pictures inside.
But I still have to learn the new stuff.
Devils Daughter and Urban Gotich were the first test models.

Somethimes later in this week I will know if any of my boys will be avalible,and will update my blog about it as soon as I know something more.


Devils Daughter


Urban Gotich