September 17, 2021

A little update about our youngest girls and Ivo.

 This page has not been updated for a while. But our FB page is updated almost weekly.

Almost all our kittens from Spring has moved to their new homes, and all are doing well.  They are so happy in their new homes, same are the owners, so it is just purrrrfect :-) Two girls are still waiting for the possibility to travel to US. 

Our keeper girls are growing and thrives . They are such happy go lucky and are a joy to see grow up.

Poker Face , our tiny little  girl is today a normal size for her age and developing so nice. She is very sweet and loving. She still got her amazing shape on her eyes. We are looking forward to follow her development. And as her mother, Lily, she is very colorful. 

Southern Ginger , our second keeper is a big chunk :D  She is so much alike her mother  in type as a kitten. She will never be petit, but she is at least very elegant. There must be a tractor build inside her, because her purring is always so loud, so very sweet and laidback , so she fit perfect in this group.

And our always beautful Ivo have been here on a short visit. He just keep getting more and more beautiful. We love him so much.  

His temper and personality is still the same. Like a purring gelly all the time. A good temper, beside  health of course is very important for us. This boy has a full pack of it all , 100 %. 

Just a short update, so you know our Cattery is still very much alive .

PS: Look at our plans , maybe kittens later this year.