June 22, 2021

Easter babies 12 w

This will be the very last weekly update about our happy 9. Very soon they will move to Carolynn . It will be more update from them on our FB page now and then until they leaves.   It has been such a joy to have them, from birth to now. All 9 are such sweeethearts.

What I love about them are their profiles and eyeshapes. We think some of the kittens have got the same unike eyes like their mother. But we are not 100% sure who yet.

And our Lily , who proved last year she is a super-mommy like her mommy ,did it again. Big litter, easy birth and served cream to them from start.

Thank you Lily!

Their first Vet visit is set to be July 1. And 4 weeks later some of them are moving to their new homes. 

Creme Brulee - Creme spottet and high white boy :

This boy will move to Sweden , and be one of the new future studs in a friends Cattery.  He is very gentle and sweet. Very calm and laidback. Hopefully he will be as easy as his father and  grandfather. He has the most beautiful shaped eyes I have ever seen in a long time.

Corkscrew - Blue and white boy :

This one is the most chatty and demanding of them all. He crawled in to my heart very fast. Trying to compear him, he is a light version of his uncle, Heartbreaker from one of our litter last year.  He is a licker , if he could clean my whole body, he would :D  He will have a wonderful forever pethome here in Norway. 2 new adult cats are waiting for him. 

Bronx - bluespottet and white boy :

Bronx is very cool and laidback. Wakes up with a friendly mind , never up to any drama .... unless there is boiled chicken - grrrrrr. :D  He loves his belly rubs and can lay in the sofa forever while getting his massage.  Bronx will also move to a forever pethome here in Norway - a catloving chihuahua is waiting for him. And who knows , maybe a future feline sibling will join later.

Tropical Dream and Morning Star, both girls :

Lilactortiespottet and white , chocolatetortie spottet and white 

These two girls are superlucky. They have been very good friends from a very young age. And they will have a forever pethome also together , in Sweden.  A black adult OSH brother is waiting for them.  These girls are very sweet and gentle. For now, no naughty tortietude on them, But their last weeks will be spend in Kristiansand. Who knows, maybe they get supernaughty after learning tricks from their father and other feline family :D Tropical Dream shows signs to maybe get her mother's special eyes, who are sometimes blue and sometimes green. Time will show if she is one of the special kitties. It is for sure beautiful.

CC Express bluetortie spottet high white girl :

This girl was one of the possible keepers to our Cattery. It's no neeed to keep 3 girls, so instead she will  be a future show and breeding girl for a small newly started OSH Cattery in US. She is closest to look like her brother Creme Brulee in type. But most of all, she reminds us about her grandmother, Geisha.  CC is very loving and caring to her siblings.  She will stay in Kristiansand until she has done her shots and all Vet stuff. Then she will move back to me until she will leave to her new home. Probably in end of August.  I don't mind , welcome back :D 

Royal Red - redspottet and white girl  :

Royal Red will be a future breeding and show cat in a friends Cattery in US. We tought she was a boy right after brith , but a fairy came and changed that. She is very elegant, and amazing profile. It will be fun to follow her in the future. Her personality at the moment is sweet and gentle. After some weeks in Kristiansand she will also come back to me until she leaves together with her sister. 

Southern Ginger - redspottet and white girl :

This is 1 of our keeper girls , so she will move back here in end of July/early August , after her 2 Vet visits.  I have had a special spot for her since she was very young. And also because of her colouring , she was one of the 100 % keepers. I am not really sure who to compear her to yet in personality. Maybe a little like Sassy, without beeing sassy *lol*. And then I know she will be perfect for this house. She is very big , like her mother and grandmother. Hopefully also a super breeding girl in the future.

Poker Face - blacktortie spottet and white girl :

My little special one. She was born very very small, together with one of her sisters. We were not sure if she would make it more than some days. But she grew up. From just 2 w of age, she charmed herself into my heart. I had no plans of keeping her, but noone can control what the heart decide.  She is dearly loved by everyone, for her funny,charming and gentle mindset.  Never been sick , just small. It will even be hard to let her go on visit to Kristiansand some weeks, but soon she wil come home again.  She got also the same amazing beautiful eyeshape as her creme brother. And her spots and colouring makes us extra happy every day. 


This will be the last update in our blog for a while.  Our page on Facebook are active every week, you can find us HERE