November 8, 2014

Sweden and Finland - and love in Sepia.


I got resently some pictures from Sweden.
From our "Prince" who moved to a newstarted little cattery earlier in Summer.
His Sunday name is (N) Attack's Prince of Norway - but his daily homename is now Mowgli.

He has grown bigger - alot bigger - but he is still the sweet and always happy boy he was as a little baby.
It was so nice to get updates from him.
We have big cats in our breeding programme, but the biggest one is Hidalgo.
Mowgli is not a son after Hidalgo, but when we see his size we are wondering ;-))

6 month old and soon 5 kg - that is pretty big ;-)
We are very curious for his future - and hope he will pass on his happy nature, wonderful pattern and all the rest to his offspring.
His colourful sisters back home is very proud of their handsome brother.

3 weeks old.


And then it was another sweetheart. He moved to Finland.
His Sunday name is (N) Attack's ICandy - but is called Gollum in his new home.
We gets updates more often with him , since we and his new owner are friends on FB where the camera is never far away - thank goodness for that :-)). There can never be too many pictures.
Gollum is son after Hidalgo.
He charmed his new owner in to her heart, and continue to charm everyone he meet on his way - either it is home, at petstores or at shows.
Hidalgo gave his offspring a very special temper - even we are doing our very best with the temper on all our babies - Hidalgo-babies are in a class on their own .

Thank you, Hanna for all the pictures and updates we get, and thank you for your friendship.

3 weeks old.

Some of the pictures are taken by Hanna and some of Tessa.
Thank you both!!

And at last some picutures from home.
Some pictures I took a week ago of 2 cats who means the world to me, because they are after my soulmate.
Tiger and Nikita.
Tiger has always been very much alike his mother, and now we can see clearly that Nikita got lots of Tigers mommy too - who is her grandmother.
Actually they looks like twins sometimes.

Love in Sepia : 

That's was all the updates this time.
I have soon birthday - and we have big plans of celebrate it with good friends.
The party place is located in Denmark - so if you want to join us - just tell.
Actually I will maybe update about it in my blog later too  - Mjaooo :-))

Next update will probably be in the early start of December.