February 7, 2014

Babies will soon be vaccinated.

The babies will be having their first vaccine - next Friday - when they are 13 weeks old.
We will try a new type of vaccine who combine both the normal vaccines together with the rabies vaccine - 2 dosis, 2 weeks appart.
It will be very interesting. Therfor we will do it in one of our city-kliniqs in Kristiansand.
While they are doing the vaccination program they will be staying with Hidalgo and his family.
Hidalgo loves babies so much - same as Tiger - so the kittens will have a new temporary home filled with even more love and fun.
When everything has been done - Kajsa will move to her new home. Tia will move back home with us ,and Leo will be staying a bit longer with daddy.

Leo has become so much alike his daddy. He is so so late with his development but getting better and better in type all the time.
So I hope to make a film or two with them during that weekend.

The sun has forgotten so show up here in South Norway for over a month!! So I have not many pictures of this litter. Very various quality.
But all the babies are so funny,happy and naughty - I am very satisfied with the temper and personalities of them - and I hope the new owners will be too.

Here is some new pictures of Leo.
He did help me the other day with cleaning the fireplace :-))

And Kajsa . A bit older pictures of her, because I love them.
She will be a bit of a handful for the new owners - she is a true kitchenmonster :

And a single one of my Tia. I promise to make lots of nice pictures of her later,when the sun is back.

And we have some more great news very soon!! I am start to think my big dream will come true :-)