May 15, 2011

Proud hunter :-)

Last night I saw some very funny pictures. Our tortie "Sushi" - (N)Attack's Devils Daughter have 3 very handsome brothers.
One of them is (N)Attack's Charmed - SIA n - called "The Prince" by his new  family.
He has a wonderful new family in the North of Norway, where he has a very various life.

I don't know if it is his housecat brother Zim who has learned him the tricks of hunting,or if he just have a hidden gift :-) Maby a little of both:-) This is a really happy siamese neuter boy!!
He is so proud of everything he is hunting,and somethimes want to show the humans inside in house..... in their beds!!!
I am SO HAPPY the only thing who comes in my bed is hunted and killed socks,fabric mice or other toys :p

I love to see new pictures of all my babies who has been born in our home. And some of those I love to share with you.
Charmed is still a very beautiful cat. He has wonderful points and contrasts.