May 20, 2011

8 weeks old on Sunday

Another week is gone,and our baby girls has now the whole house to run freely in.
They love it.
Unlucky for us, the weather is gray and rainy. So the kittens are 7.5 w old on the pics.
I love both girls so much, and both are in my eyes very beautiful - but very different.
And one loves the camera,the other is not photogentic at all.
Both of them has still baby blue eyes, so I am very exiting for their eye colour. I belive there will be a big change of wonderful green eyes on them both soon. ( I have not made any yellow eyed oriental yet )

Fayette is so stylish,tender and just a little beauty who loves "smiling" on camera.
I love her type very much,and I love her eyes. She looks like she have eyliner on them and a wonderful shape.
She is very much alike her mother and grandmother,and have much of her American type.
Fayette will never be an extreme of type kitten , but she have my dream type - the mix between European and American -but  I can not see  many fault of her either. Time will tell when she grows up and has develop more.

Her sister have no time. Titania is the chubby tomboy sister who rearly sitt still. She have no time for that.
That it the result of this week pictures :-)
Beside her chubby body, Titania is a very big,happy and healthy girl. She have shiny black coat and also beautiful eyes.
And I love her temper. She is the most funny kitten we have had in our home for ages.She is somethimes a little too outgoing - our little whild black panther. A little clone of their father,but without the spots.
We have also change her name on her pedigree. She will allways be Titania in our home,but her new owners came up with such lovly pet name for her,and I asked if they wanted it in the papers too:-) Her new name : Siouxsie Sioux

Titania/Siouxsie Sioux first:

And Fayette our silverbeauty:

One black and one SILVER :-)