May 10, 2022

Keepers stays - keepers move.


We are not a big Cattery, and like to keep a smaller group fertile at the same time. The cats thrives better with it, the same do we. 

 It's easier with the boys who can be kept on a Suprelorin Chip for a longer break.  We haven't used it on any of our girls yet. We prefer few litters, then rehoming some. Some of the boys too.

Lily gave us just one girl in her last litter. Attack's Flower Power. And what an amazing little girl. She has just everything.  Wonderful qualitees for both show and breeding. She is classic tabby and a tortie with white. All of our favos in the same cat.  She was defently a keeper.....

But among her 5 brothers, 1 boy just crawled into my heart. Attack's First Class. I was looking at his behind weekly,maybe he was a girl after all ?  But nope! A 100 % boy. The whole litter moved to Carolynn for their Vet stuff, together with Lily who also was neutred.  What happened there ? LOL , he crawled into Carolynns heart too..... and everyone else who met him.  Oh well, we decidet we don't need to sell him right away.

In the start of May , our litter who is born and raised in a friends home came on visit. 4 babies. The two OSH babies are still in Eiken, so I can couddle and snuggle with them a while. The boy will move to Carolynn during June.

They are also halvsiblings to Flower Power and First Class. To make the story short, we decidet to follow our hearts, and keep First Class, and let Flower Power go.  She will move to a friends Cattery instead.

These babies were in the end our beautiful keepers for our next generation :

In the order from the top :

Attack's First Class - I will make new pictures of him during Summer.

Attack's Hot Gossip

Attack's Great Balls on Fire 


Now we are just waiting and crossing fingers for healthy babies in some few weeks. Our "Noodles" is proud daddy to both the litters. He is now neutered and living the best life without hormones. He is such a heartwarming loving cat on hormones , and without them, he will be even more. We are hoping for alot of happy Noddles-mini-me's .