June 14, 2019

Hello Summertime

Summer is here,  but we don't have warm temperatures outside yet.
I don't mind, it was a nightmare last year, with the extremly heat, that lastet 3 months.

The cats loves spending time in our Winter garden, and get their Summerfeeling anyway.
We can thankfully open up the sliding doors, so the heat is not getting too high.

It is so fun to follow Stellas 2  keeper-daughters  close up.
Geisha has much better type, but her little sister, Scarlett, has an  eyecolour " to die for".
Luckily a breeding cat and a show cat is not always the same.Pedigrees and health matters most.
I am looking very much forward to see what both can do in our breeding programme.

Raspberry is very happy as a fostermommy. After Stella moved to her forever home she has taken her roll as fostermommy very seriously, too seriously actually. Because she is so happy with " her baby", that she is not interested in comming in to season.

I don't have so much to write about the Cattery yet, but our cats are lazy and thriving.

Short update, more to come soon.